When you’re in bed, sometimes you just really can’t be bothered with getting up and around to look for anything. Sometimes it should just be as easy as reaching over and getting it, literally.

Here’s a list of some bedside essentials to go through to make sure you getting to bed is a one way trip for the night. You might have all the items on the list you’ll appreciate the majority of them and their convenience.

Alarm clockBe it your phone or an actual alarm clock, sometimes you just need that extra ‘motivation’ to get out of bed. And nothing says ‘motivation’ like a blaring sound telling you to get out of bed.

Phone chargerThere’s nothing quite like waking up for your busy day to realize that you forgot to charge your phone. At your bedside, it could easily be instilled into your night time ritual.

Table lampSometimes just a little light is needed. What else is there to be said?


Tissue boxTeary eyed? Stuffy nose? With a bedside tissue box, there’s no need to get out of bed for any of it.

BookReading between comfortable sheets is possibly one of the best life has to offer.