What’s one of the worst feelings in the world? Waking up late. The subconscious alarms that hit you as your phone goes off with the flooding of messages from work really isn’t the best way to start off your day. There’s no explaining your way out of the weird late night reading you do – all they hear is that you were up late. And most times, you just can’t stop. No matter what you do, whether you’re all tucked in and cosy, the lights are all dimmed, still nothing. Regardless of how your day goes, good or bad, you’ll continue to stay up just to have a ‘little more of the day left’.

For you, there isn’t much to waking up – it’s what you stay up for. It’s where you finally have your space, your moments of peace, and that’s when it happens. Your mind broadens in the harmony and ideas just start to flow. Nothing to stop you other than the fact that the sunrise might be cresting on your windowsill.

And that’s why you’re smarter. There are published research studies that show that those of us who veer away from ‘regular’ sleeping patterns are considered to be more intelligent. It is found that people who create unorthodox patterns (as opposed to the supposed norm) are the most progressive of their peers.